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Just because there aren’t thousands of dollars available for decorating doesn’t mean that a bath can’t be unique, dramatic and thoroughly satisfying. Here are a half dozen frugal ways to spice up any bathroom.


1. Collections of inexpensive mirrors add both light and space to any bathroom. They reflect colors, faces and other decorations and add character and interest. Mirrors are much more effective when grouped together rather than being a scattered mass simply hanging on a wall.

2. Pictures or prints can be massed on a wall. For maximum impact hang them closely together rather than separated. Pictures can be striking if they have a ‘theme’, such as:
The frames or photos have a uniqueness in common – oval shapes, women only, pets
This decorating tactic works best in a powder room, rather than a full bathroom, because of the high moisture.

3. Needlework makes a striking wall accent. For instance, sampler patterns from Colonial America are easily available and a few samplers grouped on a wall create a totally unique bathroom.

4. For color and charm, throw a rug on the floor. In a dull or drab bathroom, a rag rug or oriental carpet will add charm and beauty. Just be certain to use a non-skid pad underneath, especially if anyone will be stepping out of a tub or shower.

5. Collections can spark interest and admiration. Pottery is an unusual accent piece for any bathroom. Or you might consider old bottles, perfume atomizers, shaving mugs or other flea market collectibles.

6. Color is the quickest, cheapest and easiest ways to change any bathroom. Unusual colors on a bathroom wall, like melon, chocolate brown or peach, will add drama. Accents like brightly colored towels in a monochromatic bathroom will provide an outstanding accent. Add living color with plants or freshly cut flowers.


Home Decorating: Bathroom on a Budget

When it comes to home decorating there are few rooms that have quite the impact of a bathroom or kitchen when being decorated. There is something wonderful about taking a tired old bathroom and making it seem bright and shiny once again. Most people, however, cringe at the thought of a bathroom remodel fearing the absolute worst when it comes to their financial situation once all is said and done. The good news is that small steps can lead to big changes in rooms as small as bathrooms. These small steps do not have to have large prices in order to be highly effective.

My suggestion with a bathroom is to assess where the worst blemishes and eyesores may be. Painting the walls can be a good place to start but you should first decide whether you are planning to remove any cabinetry. This is one room where it is best to save the painting for later in the project rather than the beginning. The vanity in many bathrooms takes up a good deal of real estate. Gone are the days when chunky cabinets were the popular choice for bathrooms. Now people want the bathrooms to have the appearance of a wide-open space. This means that cabinets and vanities are becoming smaller rather than larger.

Most homeowners find that the removal of bulky cabinetry in the bathroom often leads to some degree of patching required for the drywall and noticeable gaps in flooring. These will need to be addressed fairly quickly, which means that now is a good time to select color options for the walls and flooring. Smaller bathrooms do well with lighter colors on the walls in order to give them a larger appearance. Use towels and decorations to bring in darker accents but keep the walls light and bright. Also choose paint that can withstand the high humidity of bathrooms.

Flooring in a bathroom also needs to be able to withstand high heat and humidity as this room is rather abusive to floors and walls. For this reason, hardwood is not the floor of choice for most bathrooms. Ceramic tile is an excellent choice and not terribly expensive. There are also some laminates that are designed to respond well to a high humidity environment such as will be found in a bathroom. Choose flooring that will accent the walls and the overall sense of décor you are hoping to achieve when decorating your home and bathroom, as this is not something you are going to want to change often.

The toilet in a bathroom is fairly simple to purchase but I recommend leaving it be unless it absolutely needs to be changed. This is not a simple procedure for the novice and experts are expensive. In this case “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is an excellent motto to live by. The same holds true with the shower. If, however, you simply cannot live with your shower (or bathtub) as is, you may want to try hiring professionals to come in and resurface your tub. This is much less expensive than purchasing a brand-new tub and will have yours looking bright, shiny, and as good as new. Again you can avoid the high cost of a plumber despite the fact that you are paying for professionals to resurface.

To top things off, you will be amazed at the difference that new knobs, fixtures, and hardware can make in a bathroom. Add a couple of lamps for subtle lighting and some decorative touches of your own and you have a brand new bathroom without spending a king’s ransom in order to do so. The shower curtain and ‘guest’ towels should be your largest splurges in your bathroom, as they will tie the room all together. You shower curtains and towels will blend the colors and designs in order to create the overall atmosphere you should be hoping to achieve in your bathroom. And all of this can be accomplished one step at a time no matter how sparse your budget may be.

Monkey Bathroom Accessories are a Unique Decorating Idea

With the trend today toward larger homes, many people have multiple bathrooms in their houses. It can be difficult to come up with decorating themes for them. Or perhaps you have a smaller home, but want a truly unique idea for decorating your bathroom. Nowadays, people want their bathrooms to be one of a kind. With all of the various bathroom accessories on the market and available online, this is not difficult to accomplish.

One theme you may not have thought of is using monkey bathroom accessories. This can be an especially appealing idea for a home with children-monkey bathroom accessories in a child’s bathroom will make him smile every time he enters the room! While there are many monkey bathroom accessories that children will enjoy, there are also some surprisingly sophisticated ones that are suitable for adults, also.

Monkey bathroom accessories for children may feature a large image of a monkey’s face that will serve as a cute starting point for decorating the rest of the room. Monkey bathroom accessories with the face as the main design element are available in shower curtains and rugs. Just imagine how cute it would be to have a monkey shower curtain and a monkey rug in your child’s bathroom-you’ll barely need anything else to finish off that room. You might want to choose some pretty brown towels to go with the theme, or search for bathroom accessories such as wastebaskets, soap dispensers, or tissue box covers in coordinating colors.

For adults, a monkey bathroom accessories theme can be surprisingly sophisticated. You’ll find some beautiful towels in soft shades of brown and tan with images of monkeys on them. If you want to use the monkey bathroom accessories as a design highlight, look for other bathroom accessories in a coordinating theme-perhaps a jungle look, for instance. Bathroom accessories with green leaves or bamboo images on them could create a wonderful coordinating look.

Also consider looking for unique ways to tie other things into your monkey bathroom accessories. You could buy monkey soap, for instance. Some people like to collect monkey figurines of various shapes and sizes and these could be an adorable starting point for your monkey bathroom accessories. Think how cute it would be to line a vanity shelf with a collection of monkey figurines, especially if they were arranged next to a rack full of monkey towels. You could even go a step further and find wallpaper with a bamboo or jungle theme to tie the whole thing together. Paint the trim in hues of green or tan. If you have room, hang some plants or place them on a shelf.

With just a little effort and some cute monkey bathroom accessories, you can have a unique bathroom for your children or even yourself that will evoke the feel of a lush jungle. Getting ready for your day will be an adventure every morning! Why not try something different for you next bathroom decorating?

Christmas Decorating: Create A Lifelike monkey bathroom accessories

If you love to go all out with your Christmas decorating, here is a whimsical, original idea for your bathroom:

Materials needed:

White shower curtain, canvas, or fabric (a new canvas drop cloth works great)
Shower curtain liner (to protect curtain from moisture)
Permanent black marker, preferably a thick one
Paint pens
Fiberfill or cotton balls
Santa hat
Black felt (about one yard)
2 red hand towels or red fabric

*If you can draw, you may not need the projector. If you are not artistically inclined, and do not already own a projector, see if you can borrow one.

Let’s get started!

If you’re using fabric instead of a shower curtain, you’ll need to make it standard shower curtain size, which is about 72″ x 72″. Cut the fabric 73″ x 73″, fold each side over one half inch, press into place, and hem each side to make smooth edges. Purchase plastic rings (usually found near the curtain rods) and sew them to the top for shower curtain rings. If you don’t already have a second rod, pick up a tension rod. They are inexpensive and simple to install.

The next step is finding a great picture of Santa Clause. Look in coloring books, storybooks, or online. Once you find a picture you like, blow it up on the projector until Santa looks life-sized. Hang the fabric or shower curtain on the wall or a door with thumbtacks or straight pins, and project the image onto it. Santa’s knees should be about 6″ from the bottom of the shower curtain. Stop at the knees and do not draw the rest of the legs (you will see why later).

Next, trace the image with a permanent black marker (put paper behind the curtain to keep marker from seeping through). Fill in the details for Santa’s face as well as other intricate areas with the paint pens. Fill in his suit with paint. Nearly any kind of paint will do, but craft paint is the least expensive.

In order to create a three dimensional effect, use fiberfill or stretched out cotton balls for Santa’s hair and beard. Apply with regular school glue or use fabric glue. Use a real Santa hat instead of painting one. These can be found at dollar stores and discount stores for very little money. Simply stitch the hat onto the curtain from the backside, or attach it with fabric glue.

Add a piece of black felt for Santa’s belt. A real buckle makes a nice touch. You can remove a buckle from an old belt that you no longer wear and thread the felt through it, or you can purchase a used belt at a thrift store and simply remove the buckle to use it for this project. Stitch the felt into place or apply with fabric glue.

Hang the curtain and tuck the bottom edge inside the tub. Santa’s knees should line up closely with the edge of the tub.

Here’s the really fun part: Fold the red towels in half lengthwise and stitch or glue the sides together. If using fabric, cut to the size of regular hand towels (not fingertip towels) and proceed as directed above. Next, arrange the towels so that the attached edges are in the middle instead of along the side then press into place with a warm iron. This seam should face the shower curtain so it won’t show. Stitch or glue the towels to Santa’s knees. Santa now has three-dimensional legs that swing when the curtain moves!

Make mittens and boots from the leftover black felt. Attach the mittens to the curtain and the boots to the towels. Another neat idea is to set a pair of boots outside the tub and tuck the “legs” into the boots. This looks terrific and makes the effect even more dimensional. This idea is best used in the guest bathroom or on the day company is coming, after everyone has showered, if used in the main bathroom (otherwise, you’ll have to keep moving the boots each time the tub is needed).

To make your shower curtain even more festive, wrap small empty boxes to look like gifts and attach them to the curtain, or sew on tiny plastic ornaments or candy canes. Just use your imagination.

This is a fun, yet fairly simple project to complete, and you will get lots of compliments on this unique, whimsical decorating idea.


Idea 1 Go with a Small Vanity and Sink It can be difficult to work around a large vanity and sink in your small bathroom, so you’ll want to avoid them. Go with a small vanity that won’t take up too much space, since the space in your bathroom is going to be very limited. Often one of the best choices is going to be a vanity that fits in the corner, or you may even want to go with a freestanding pedestal sink for the bathroom. The right sink can really open up your bathroom, so don’t go with one and a vanity that takes up too much space within your small bathroom.


Idea 2 Go with a Circle Shower or a Corner Shower If you have a small bathroom, you’ll want to save space, even when it comes to installing the shower. You’ll find that many of the standing showers out there can take up a great deal of room. So, you may want to go with either a circle shower or a corner shower in the bathroom to help save on space. When you decide on a corner shower, you should avoid going with one that is opaque. Instead, go with one that is made of a clear material. This will give the bathroom an illusion of being bigger than it really is.

Idea 3 Choose the Right Styles and Colors Of course the colors and styles that you pick for a small bathroom are going to be very important as well. The colors that you choose should be light, although dark colors are great for accents throughout the bathroom. Any fixtures or bathroom furniture that you need to have should be streamlined and modern looking. Too many frills can clutter up the bathroom and make it look smaller, so you’ll want to avoid them. Be sure to add some mirrors as well, since they can give a room more depth and appear to have more space in them. So, use the styles, colors, and decorations wisely.

Yes, it can be hard to remodel a smaller bathroom, but with these ideas, it becomes much easier. Put these ideas into practice and you’ll love the way your new bathroom looks when you get done with it.

Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathroom

Any bathroom is incomplete without proper bathroom vanities. They give the bathroom a beautiful look apart from providing storage space. You can find four different types of bathroom vanity varieties. The first one is wall mounted, like a medicine cabinet. The second is the open shelf kind with either corner shelving or a surface mounted one. If you are looking for extra space then you can have the over the toilet type of vanity. Lastly, there are the closet type of vanities that can be used like a linen closet, the freestanding ones which stand next to the sink reach up to the ceiling, the built in ones and the tower type with baskets.

Small bathrooms are usually found in apartments, in homes that have what are known as half baths, and in situations where a bathroom is needed, but not much space is available. Vanities for the bathroom come in many different styles, but many of them are meant for bathrooms that are regular sized.

With a small bathroom, it often seems like not much more can fit inside the bathroom other than a toilet, sink, and mirror. What do you do if you want to remodel a small bathroom to include a bathroom vanity? Corner bathroom vanities are the answer for this type of design dilemma. The best place to find a large variety of these types of vanities is on the internet at various sites that specialize in bathroom vanities.

There are two different styles that come in vanities. The first kind is the vanity cabinets which are traditional to look at and give a formal look to your bathroom. The other style is the frameless vanity cabinet also called European style. To achieve a more contemporary look you can go for these styles suitable for modern type of bathrooms. The hinges on these vanities are completely hidden from view.

Websites that specialize in bathroom vanities will offer vanities in antique, traditional, and contemporary designs. When you order a bathroom vanity online you will be able to choose from a larger selection of styles than if you were to go to a retail store. Even better is that often times vanities are offered to you at marked down factory-direct prices on the internet.

Efficiently Organizing your Small Bathroom Makes Big Sense

Small, cramped bathrooms with little space and lots of stuff can present big problems for a busy family. With items strewn across the bathroom countertop with no designated space make it difficult to find that favorite pot of lip gloss, box of dental floss or can of hair mousse when morning routine time is at a minimum. You can conquer this problem with an honest assessment of your bathroom’s contents and some creativity.

First of all, look around your bathroom. If you have products in your bathroom that you didn’t like after the first use, or that someone who previously visited left there and your family doesn’t use, get rid of them. This can be a tough pill to swallow if you focus on the money that you spent on buying it, but if it’s taking up valuable space in your cramped bathroom quarters, it’s costing you more in headaches and stress than it’s worth. You’ll probably be amazed at how much space you can free up by clearing out these unused, unwanted items.

After you’ve cleared these items out, assess what’s left. If there’s a drawer for makeup, but nothing in it is sorted, consider some small boxes or baskets to place them in. Place lipsticks and glosses in one bin, another for makeup compacts, and another for makeup applicators such as brushes and sponges. If there are a lot of hair products, consider using a larger basket to place them in and stored under the sink which can be easily removed and put away each morning.

If you’re in the habit of stocking up on those products you seem to go through quickly such as toilet paper, lotion, or toothpaste, consider storing those in a pantry or linen closet instead of in the bathroom itself. Make sure all family members know where to look for a replacement or refill should they run out.

Most importantly, get your family to agree on using and maintaining the organization system that’s been developed. It’ll do no good to organize only to find things disheveled and unorganized the following week. Ask for input when devising a system, and make sure it’s one that everyone involved can live with.


It is true, a small bathroom poses many challenges. In fact, having a small bathroom and trying to fit a toilet, sink, shower, or bathtub is similar to doing a difficult 2000 piece puzzle. Some of the challenges include building code regulations that have specific requirements for sinks, toilets, and tubs. Then there is also the challenge of where to put bathroom supplies such as toiletries, towels, tissues and so forth.


Even though a small bathroom does dictate many challenges, most homeowners still believe it is better to have an extra small bathroom when needed. Therefore, if you decide that your home needs an additional bathroom, even a small one, this article will provide you with a few interesting suggestions and tips to help design that perfect little bathroom.

Corner Sink

There are times when even adding a small pedestal sink can cause major space issues in a small bathroom. One alternative is to incorporate a corner sink directly across from the toilet. This configuration works better than having a sink opposite a shower because it is always awkward to get around an open shower door.

Toilet Topper

There is always wasted space above a toilet tank. Therefore, a toilet topper cabinet/shelf is the perfect place to store all of those extra bathroom accessories and necessities. Remember to purchase one that is white or a light color because the color will definitely affect the perception of making the room look larger or smaller.

Shower Curtain/Door

If you decide to install a shower or bathtub into your small bathroom, you have two options to make it work. A tub or shower that has a swing-out door will make it difficult to maneuver whereas a shower curtain or a glass panel that covers one half of a bathtub will make access manageable.

Towel Bar/Ring

A bathroom without a towel bar is a bathroom that is inconvenient to use. Towels need to hang on a bar or ring so as to dry properly when not in use. If the bathroom does not have any wall space for a towel bar or ring, try mounting the towel bar or ring on the shower door or glass panel.

Trough Sink

A narrow, slick styling trough sink is a great space solution. They have a low profile and when they are mounted on the wall they provide additional floor space for foot traffic or storage.

Wall-mounted faucet

A wall-mounted faucet will allow you to use a narrower vanity or sink and this will free up valuable space in a small bathroom. Wall-mounted faucets come in a variety of styles and designs to coordinate with any decor that you may have in mind.


If your small bathroom is going to be an additional bathroom then you may want to forgo a shower or a tub. However, if you must have one or the other then choose an enclosed shower because they are traditionally smaller than even a half size bathtub.

The above are just a few of the many ways that you can make a small bathroom work. Of course, you will need to do some serious planning to make sure that everything is to code and fits properly.


Every part of the house is essential, but most people tend to neglect areas such as the bathrooms when it comes to redecorating the home. When redesigning, a lot of emphases is put on areas such as the living room, the kitchen and the bedrooms probably because these are the areas that are seen and used by most.


Whether you are working on a tight budget or not, strive to allocate an amount that can be used to revamp your bathroom. There are a lot of incredible, low-cost designs that you can use to give your bathroom a new touch which you will love. Discussed below are some of the tips to help you decorate your bathroom.

Affordable Bathroom Tiles

Most modern households prefer to use tiles in their bathrooms due to the ease of cleaning them. Tile prices vary depending on the type that you want. It is important to know which bathroom tiles will last longer and cost you less. You may choose to limit the number of tiles you install in your bathroom by focusing on areas that water splashes on frequently. This is a great way to save money since you will not need to put tiles in the whole bathroom area. If you love adding an exciting look, you can mix the tiles with different colour tones to avoid monotony. In case you have some old tiles, save some penny and consider sprucing them up with some paint. Painting your tiles is fun since you can play around with the colours to come up with exciting colour tones.

Use The Current Design

Try as much as you can to maintain the design that you have such that the only thing that is left to do is updating or fixing the old bathroom fixtures. Choosing to change the whole layout can be more expensive hence it is wise to take time and think about what you really need. If for instance, the waste and water inlets are functioning, then you do not need to replace them with new ones. If possible, try to maintain the existing plumbing layout since changing it might require you to use a lot of cash. Some of the plumbing issues can be fixed by a plumber who might even charge you fair prices.

Buy Used Fixtures

Instead of using more cash in purchasing new fixtures, you may consider buying already used bathroom necessities which are still of good quality and can last longer. Nowadays, it is easy to get recycled bathroom accessories, even online. You will be surprised that some of the online stores have managed to customise the product in very unique ways. Bathroom ideas on a budget can still bring that extra feel without you having to buy the expensive materials.

There are many simple tricks that you can use to redesign your bathroom that are affordable and unique. You only need to know how best you can use the tips discussed above to help you attain a luxurious bathroom. Besides, there are other bathroom ideas on a budget, that you may consider. Use these tips to help you get the bathroom look of your dreams without the need to break a bank.


Whether you are looking to redesign your bathroom fully or you are looking to make subtle changes to it, you will likely want to focus on modern designs. There are plenty of things that you can do to improve the design of your bathroom large or small. Below, we will discuss a few modern bathroom design tips that you should look to implement.


Top Modern Bathroom Design Tips:

1. Minimal

One of the major keys to creating a modern look and feel is to stick to minimal design. You want to try to stick to a simple and minimal design because that is what is currently in. Less is more when it comes to the design of your bathroom. Therefore, you want to try to stick to the essentials when it comes to outfitting your bathroom. Instead of looking to fill your bathroom up with all kinds of different things, you should be sticking to what is absolutely needed. That way, not only will you be able to create a minimal look, but it can help to amplify your spacing as well.

2. Theme

There are plenty of ways to go about designing a modern bathroom. You could either go with a white and bright theme or a dark and rich theme. Both will allow you to design a modern looking bathroom that looks fantastic. A lot of it is going to depend on how you are looking to outfit your bathroom. Also, it will depend on whether or not your bathroom has natural lighting. For a bathroom with windows and natural lighting, you are likely going to be better off going for a white on a white design that amplifies the brightness. Whereas, if you are going to be using artificial lighting, you might want to go with a rich and dark type of theme which will allow you to feature hardwood floors or even marble countertops.

3. Angles

One of the keys to getting the most out of your bathroom is playing your angles. Not everyone has a bathroom that is rich in space with the perfect angles. Thus, by utilizing the angles that you do have in your bathroom, you will be able to get a lot more out of the space that you have available. You should be looking for either customized vanities that you can create for your space or for vanities and other things that you can find that would fit seamlessly in your bathroom. Same holds true for your sink, toilet, and tub.

Designing a modern bathroom doesn’t have to be too difficult nowadays. All you really need to do is focus on the minimalism of your bathroom and the optimization of the space that you have available. By sticking true to this and by incorporating good accent lighting in your bathroom, you should be able to make it feel much more modern. Along with this, you want to look to incorporate a good theme that goes well with the lighting that your bathroom has available to ensure that you are getting the best look out of it.


When you are designing your master bathroom, there are various things that you can do to improve the space easily. In this article, we will focus on some of the different ideas you can implement to improve your bathroom considerably.


Different Master Bathroom Ideas:

1. Natural Lighting

One of the best things that you can do is focus on improving the natural lighting of your bathroom. If you already have windows in your bathroom, you will be able to take advantage of the beautiful natural lighting they offer. If you have a lot of natural lighting, you can deploy a bright yet monochromatic color scheme to take advantage of the lighting.

2. Mirrors

If you have a small master bathroom, you can deceptively make it feel larger than it is through the effective implementation and placement of large mirrors. Having mirrors in your bathroom is going to add a layer of depth that normally wouldn’t be there. This is very important for smaller master bathrooms because no one wants to feel constrained and confined to a small space. By using mirrors, you will be able to visually expand the room.

3. Focus On Lighting

Lighting is one of the most underutilized aspects of a bathroom. It is especially important for your master bathroom as it is going to be one of the major selling points for your home. You want to add a good amount of accent lighting in order to not only make it look much more aesthetically pleasing but also to add functionality to it. You will be able to do a lot with accent lighting in order to improve the style and function of your bathroom. Along with this, you want to look for unique lighting options for your bathroom, as well.

4. Angles

Using your angles wisely in your master bathroom will allow you to really maximize the space that you are able to take advantage of with it. A lot of people make the mistake of not utilizing the corners of their bathrooms and every small space that it offers. By using the corners and the angles to your advantage, you will be able to get the most out of it.

5. Hide Clutter

If you are looking for ways to improve the style of your bathroom and to make it look larger than it actually is, you want to take steps to avoid clutter and to hide clutter as much as possible. You will want to look for minimalist ways to decorate your bathroom to avoid making it look more cluttered than it has to be.

There are a lot of things that you can do to improve the overall design of your bathroom. If you are looking to design your master bathroom, you want to focus on making it look as large as it can be. Everyone wants to have a master bathroom that is spacious. Therefore, you can implement the tips above to make it feel much larger than it might actually be.


Are there times you feel demotivated by your bathroom and feel the need to do something about it? Good news is that there are many DIY ideas that you can employ to upgrade one or two things in your bathroom. The bathroom can be one of your favorite rooms if only you decide to make it an exciting space.


You do not need to spend too much money to implement some of these ideas in your own bathroom. Let us discuss some of the simple ideas which will enable you to revive your boring bathroom.

DIY Shelves

If you have many necessities in your bathroom such as the toothbrush holders which get disorganized all the time, it is high time you do something about it. Purpose to make a wooden shelf and drill it through the wall. Use the branches that lay around your compound to provide support to the shelf boards. Spruce some white paint on the shelf boards to make them more attractive. Use the shelf to store the toothbrush holders, clean towels, your body wash as well as some body lotions. You may also choose to place the flower vase on the shelf board to bring that edge. This allows your bathroom to have more space since most necessities have been placed up against the bathroom walls.

Add Flowers


For those that love flowers and all that comes with it, consider repurposing the wine bottle that you had bought, clean it well then use it as a flower vase. Pluck fresh flowers for example lilies from your garden, and place them into the bottle. Use this to brighten up your bathroom. You may also opt to buy an indoor plant. Place it in your bathroom, either near the window for it to get some light or on the wooden shelf depending on where you deem fit. Plants have an effect of making one feel relaxed, help reduce stress levels and also lighten ones’ mood. Try to tend for the plant frequently to ensure they are healthy.

Introduce Candles.

You may choose to go further and complement the appearance of your bathroom by introducing scented candles. Scented candles have a way of improving the psychological well being of individuals, by releasing the various fragrances. The candles create a soothing atmosphere which makes one relax while in the bathroom area. Other lighting methods include the use of lanterns which can be arranged on the floor to provide sufficient lighting.

Bathroom Jars.

If you have free glass containers in your kitchen shelf or used pickle jars in the waste bin, repurpose them and use them as holding containers in your bathroom. Use them to store cotton products or toothbrushes, if need be.To make the jars more attractive, paint them or even add some print, for them to have that pop of colour.

The above hacks are helpful in that they enable one to add style to their bathroom without much strain. The hacks are simple and pocket-friendly hence, they help one to save on costs.


Keeping your bathroom up-to-date and modern is key to maximizing the value of your home. By making subtle improvements to your bathroom, you can make a big difference to the perceived value of your entire home. Below, we will be discussing some of the key tips for modern bathroom decor.


Tips For Decorating Your Bathroom:

1. Bath Mat

Believe it or not, but simply replacing your bath mat can make a big difference to your bathroom. This is one of the most cost effective ways to improve the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Having an old bath mat can not only make your bathroom look cheap, but it can also make it look dated. You will be able to invest in a high-quality and stylish bath mat to improve the overall look and feel of your bathroom and even add some sophistication to it.

2. High-Quality Mirror

Another improvement that you can make to your bathroom without spending too much money would be a high-quality mirror. By investing in a mirror that has some personality to it, you will be able to add a lot of sophistication and style to your bathroom. Not only is it going to improve the overall look and feel of it, but it is going to allow you to get more use out of your bathroom and make it much more functional in total.

3. Wallpaper

Instead of having boring solid paint in your bathroom, you can dress up your walls with high-quality and stylish wallpaper. While it is something that is going to take some time to apply, the payoff can be well worth it. Having a stylish wallpaper can really make your bathroom stand out and it can provide it with the modern touch it needs. This is especially true if you are able to find a wallpaper that is going to bring out the other aspects of your bathroom like your sinks and toilet.

4. Lighting

The lighting of your bathroom is something that many people pass on, but it can actually make a big difference to the end result. Your bathroom lighting is integral to updating the overall look and feel of your bathroom to a modern aesthetic. There are all kinds of different ways to improve the lighting in your bathroom to really make a big difference. Your lighting is not something to overlook.

5. Add Seating

Nowadays, having a small armchair or something in your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to improve the aesthetics and make it feel much more modern.

Overall, there are plenty of ways you can spruce up your bathroom to make it look and feel a touch more modern. By making simple adjustments to your bathroom, you should be able to really bring out the best in it. Even the smallest changes you can make like the lighting can have a drastic impact on the end result. Therefore, you want to consider some of the changes above if you are looking for cost effective ways to improve your bathroom.


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